We Offer the Best Streaming Software for Broadcasters

Access to Streaming Internet Radio

Unlike radio, broadcasting a streaming internet radio is not affected by your listener's location. Whereas radio signals are weakened by distance and often impeded by the walls of buildings, streaming content is available anywhere that the Internet can be accessed: 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Additional Revenue

Our software allows for demographic-targeted advertising. When you use Streaming Software Solutions, you keep 100% of the revenues that you generate from sales on your stream. Our clients have access to our exclusive suite of easy-to-use advertising tools, which have set the industry standard for online radio ad replacement, making our software the best streaming software available.

Marketing/Targeted Advertising

Broadcasting over the Internet gives broadcasters an interactive solution to providing programming and advertising to your listeners. Broadcasting radio through the Internet increases the effectiveness of your banner ads and other forms of targeted advertising. Our software gives you the ability to deliver your brand directly to your listeners with a branded streaming player and other marketing features.


Through our broadcaster streaming statistics and advertising reporting you will know exactly how many people are listening to your broadcast, and for how long.

Technical Training

When you join Streaming Software Solutions, our engineering staff conducts a free online orientation with your technical staff, during which we will provide a walk-through of our tools, services, and answer any questions regarding setup and maintenance. We will explicate the types of advertising and sponsorship options available, as well as demonstrate the scheduling and reporting features available through our streaming internet radio software.